Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Why Must the Libertarians Shiv Themselves?

Coyote is doing the libertarian 'oh no the sky is falling!!!' type of thing lately.

Trade and World Peace -- Economic Nationalism Leads to War:
Economists and I will spend a lot of time over the next four years trying to explain to our economically-ignorant administration why global trade and the global division of labor increase domestic incomes and production rather than decreasing them. But I do not want to lose sight of another important benefit of open trade in the global economy - peace.

So, the big thing I wanted to point out to him was that since Trump is going to reform a lot of things, the net cost of doing business under Trump may well be lower than what it was under Obama. If so, business will boom, and Coyote will look like an autistic little shit as he tries to explain stuff to an administration that is thankfully not listening.

In the comments though, things got derailed pretty quickly by other commenters.

First, they want to pretend that there will be no foreign trade with Trump. This is stupid to the point of insanity. Many classes of goods will continue to come here, even with a 35% border tax. Additionally there are many foreign companies actually committing, right now, to investing in America in the full knowledge that Trump is going to do whatever he's going to do.

The calculation is this- Trump's agenda is going to be cheaper than what has come before, and as long as they are providing American's jobs, they are probably going to be alright.

Apparently, though, people believe you need dollars in order to invest in America. This is because idiots on television like to pretend capital and currency is interchangeable. So, I pointed out that is not true. You need capital goods, and it easier to buy them in America if you have American currency, but the captial goods are what matter, not the currency. I did have one guy eventually tell me he hoped I was right.

I have yet to get one guy actually reiterate my point. No, I've got some dude still arguing with me about money and foreign investment.

And it's disqus, so I get an email, and then my phone pings. And I go look. And I now know why the Libertarian Party has been an abject failure for my entire life. The only thing they've got going for them is the coming Democrat self-immolation. And you know my phone just pinged again, so I had to go over there and strafe bomb some guy who had the audacity to say he read my original comment, and yet continue to go off about dollars.

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