Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Leftist Research Uncovers Their Own Bias

Normally, they learn nothing and just insist that people who disagree with them are evil, but when emotion is evidence, apparently they can begin to understand:

Thanks to Marginal Revolution. I had heard of this before, but it is the sort of thing I expect to be nonsense- because it is nonsense, unless you are the clueless leftist audience for whom this provided much illumination.

I don't know, exactly, what benefit this brings long term. So a small group of liberals finally understand Hilary was a bad candidate. In the NYU article there seemed to be an emphasis on Hilary as being the smart one, and always telling the truth, so their take home is merely that Trump had the better delivery, the better hook.

Now, to me Trump speeches are performance art, whereas most politicians just give speeches. And Trump tries to be really general, whereas most politicians go for untruths. Just like now, when Trump is attempting to actually do everything he promised, whereas most politicians would have come up with all sorts of reasons not do what he said.

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