Friday, March 3, 2017

The Recusal Disappoints Me

Jeff Sessions displayed a lack of understanding, in my opinion, as to the nature of reality as it is today.
First, there should be no investigation- and, thankfully, since he would neither confirm nor deny that there is an investigation, maybe there isn't.
But he still played into the left's narrative rather naively, and probably believes in a chunk of it. When he recounted his conversation with the Russian ambassador, it was clear he thought Russia was somehow at fault for something in Ukraine, which is unfortunate and stupid.

As bad as the globalist bungling in Ukraine was, what is probably worse is globalist bungling in America, where Sessions needs to be on point and ready to fight with the very people he just appeased. They are not interested in the rule of law.

Sessions should be gearing up for a lot of investigations into what has been going on in D.C. for the last few decades. There might or might not be something to Pizzagate, but there are apparent felonies to be found just watching reruns of testimony before Congress on C-SPAN. These were (and in many cases are) very arrogant people who thought they were above the law. They may still be 'above the law' if Sessions doesn't figure out what's been going on. I wonder if he will, especially given the fact he's been in D.C. for so long. It seems more likely he'll believe too much of the status quo narrative in D.C., and maybe he's dumb enough to think he should go after marijuana rather than his former colleagues.

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