Friday, May 19, 2017


Originally got it from xenosystems.

I like it. I think we could put the circle around it, and slash through it, and have a global logo.

I like it because the ones who really matter are unbelievably white. Connecticut white. Napa Valley white. The little enclave of exclusivity where they proclaim a universal brotherhood, but don't practice it at all. I think it actually bothers them that they are white.

It bothers me that they are left. They would likely be high up in the hierarchy anyway, but they want to pretend there isn't one, so that they can absolve themselves of their responsibilities. Absolve themselves too of the moral imperatives that their forefathers placed on them.

The morality of the bureaucrat is different from the morality of an owner. You can make a legitimate case that taxes are now theft, for the government certainly does not treat the land it claims charge of, nor the people in it, as owned assets which need to be continued and improved for posterity. But in the old days, when the skill of ownership was mostly selected for, taxes could be perceived as rents. Someone is going to own. I want more owners, but clearly there will be some with the skill set, and some without.

Inequality is bound to happen. So are scientifically observable biological phenomenon, like lighter skin among the ruling classes. Who knows, maybe they have long memories and have been afraid since the French Revolution, so they've been posing ever since.

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