Friday, May 5, 2017

Grandparents Versus the Degenerates

Antifa and others play communist, but they are already noticing they aren't very tough. The Alt-Right is stronger, better at strategy and tactics.

And, dear LARP commies, you should just stay home and chill.


Because Trump is not a nazi. Trump is Grandpa. He is not an ideologue. He isn't even a conservative, and if you could get the media to stop it with this stupid Russian hacking story, he might even stop bombing countries and paying lip service to the lies told about other leaders in the media.

The same thing is true with Marine Le Pen. Grandma. Pretty damn tolerant of most leftist stuff.

Shut the up and let the grandparents try to fix things.

But I expect not. The degenerates believe they are revolutionaries. Then they find out they are weak as kittens. Since they are getting funding from George Soros, I imagine any purveyor of steroids in the Berkeley area might do a brisk business. An interesting side question is whether their political aims survive contact with supraphysiological levels of testosterone.

In some ways, this is like the boy who cried wolf, except they keep crying Hitler, and they are increasingly disruptive. One of the few anti-war protests that happened after the Syria bombing was by Alt-Right guys who wanted Trump to know this was not what they voted for him for- and Antifa was in counter-protest. In their zeal to no-platform the right, Antifa became the de facto pro-bombing, pro-Trump activists on that day.

And it was a little microcosm of what the left does. They are fundamentally immoral. They get angry about immoral stuff, but their commitment to disorder leads to them promoting the things they claim to hate- and then when they win we learn they don't really hate that stuff at all. They are pro-woman, except if a woman would like to be able to go to the woman's restroom in peace because some man who can't be bothered to even try to look like a woman, just sort of feels like a lady today.

It is a hard biological reaction. Suddenly the leftist woman is stuck in a bathroom with some dude. She experiences raw fear and cannot do her leftist rationalizations anymore.
The danger she perceives outweighs any potential sense of status she might get from being accepting of this new situation.

And Grandpa gets hired, mostly because he's the only one that is different. Obviously, it's not just the women and this one thing, especially since Trump promised to let trannies pee wherever they want.

But the left, if they were very sane at all, would let Grandpa do what Grandpas do. Maybe even take notice of where Grandpa agrees with them, so they could manage a few things they might not get otherwise. Shut down Antifa. Stop it with the anti-white stuff. Get some candidates that might actually appeal to Americans. Sure, the left brought plenty of immigrants over to undermine our democracy, but now, already, there are places where the immigrants only vote for immigrants. So, even for the leftist elite, this isn't going to work anymore, because the next thing you know, they'll be voting to take your stuff.

If they don't get sane pretty soon- and it ain't looking good because they are still pretending Russia hacked the election- then we are going to get Hitler, or Pinochet, whatever... Hell, even if you got me, you'd get some strong actions being taken that are outside of my libertarian sensibilities, but are entirely in my elder brother 'this shit needs to stop now' sensibility. These people don't appear to realize they are creating what they decry. Although I do wonder if some few do know exactly what they are doing.

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