Monday, September 11, 2017

Staged? Definitely not a win.

Nearly all of the benefits I thought may have been achieved with Charlottesville were actually achieved with subsequent events, rendering this particular demonstration pointless.

In other words, there is every indication Antifa would have made themselves unwelcome without the Nazi golem appearing. Indeed, this seems like such a left driven narrative- since there are commies in the streets, then there MUST be Nazis to fight! And if there aren't we'll make them up, or convince low IQ people to masquerade.

And the location. I am not much for the whole idea of declaring everything a psy-op, but if someone were picking a location for a 'Unite the Right' rally, why would you risk Virginia?

So, what did you get? Injuries. Three guys in jail. They should be freed, but again, they are deep in hostile territory, and that justice system is probably packed with leftist appointees.

This doesn't look like the sort of movement that helps to create the sort of legitimacy necessary to change governance in America.

Frankly, I do hope ya'll get lucky. That every civil and criminal suit goes your way. Because what they did to you is wrong, illegal, and un-American. But it will be luck.

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