Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Christian Anti-Christs

Bruce Charlton suggests anti-christs may feel quite Christian:
How to penetrate the deception? Well it is seldom a matter of false doctrine - because doctrine is easily faked or distorted - the world is full of people who advertise that they are doing X, but interpreting matters so that they instead destroy X - and humans are very vulnerable to that kind of deception at all levels: the own-nation-hating patriotic politician, the women-destroying feminist, the pro-science advocate who converts research into bureaucracy; the doctor who causes sickness; the educationalists who transform teaching into form-filling...

And mentions what passes for so-called leadership:

The danger is that in today's climate, even someone who is merely interested-in and lukewarmly-supportive-of Christianity (perhaps as a means to an end of a more peaceful and prosperous society), might be set-up by Christian followers, out of a kind-of desperation.

Since this leader is, as a matter of fact, Not primarily motivated by Christianity - he will then use Christianity as a means to socio-political-business ends - as well as to fulfil personal goals such as status, sex, wealth etc. Since he is a leader, he will draw his followers down the same path - thus Christianity is made secondary, redefined expediently, evaluated in materialistic and worldly terms.

If you are an introvert going to Christian events, sooner or later you may suspect that Christ is the excuse, not the reason for the event. Extroverts like to have parties. It can literally be that simple. But you can also see the continued abject failure to achieve any real goals, much moving of the goal posts (to claim some sort of goals were achieved), and a fixation on what are fundamentally leftist goals.

Interestingly enough, I think my first line above is actually wrong because Charlton actually doesn't suggest anything about an anti-christ's emotional state at all. Instead, what happened is that I read his post, and I remembered- a: the people who fit his description, and b: that they display great emotion for Christ. So, an undiscerning person might see this display of emotion as 'motivation' for whatever it is they are doing. But, although they have had plenty of time to iterate- to stop doing things that don't work, and start working on what might, they don't. So, there must be other motivations- desires achieved now, despite the apparent failure.

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