Thursday, September 3, 2020

The Public Health Travesty

    Perhaps the time has finally come for them to stop it with the pandemic nonsense.  They just touted that various steroids help with COVID-19. They showcase Dexamethasone, which I had seen mentioned earlier in a Japanese youtube video.  I still don't know enough Japanese to be able to find it again, but the point is, clearly some folks knew about it earlier.

And there is another video I will not be able to find- a doctor talking about budensonide- he got banned by various social media sites- but basically, when people came to him he asked himself what would he usually prescribe for these respiratory symptoms, and thus gave them budensonide.

Now, after hearing this I went and dug into one of my cabinets.  At some point- maybe 10yrs or so ago, I had some sort of respiratory thing going on.  I was given two medications by a doctor- Ventolin and Pulmicort.  Pulmicort turns out to be a brand name for this budensonide.  It came in a weird deliver system because it is fine powder you inhale, so the product is shaped like a bullet with a dial at one end so you get the right measured amount and then suck this stuff into your lungs.  I didn't like this idea very much.  I was much more comfortable with the Ventolin.

So this budensonide sat in my cabinet for years and is probably no good anymore.

Why do I mention all this?

If we had zero press on this virus more people would be alive, because doctors would have stuck to what they know.  But since we had the sky is falling pandemic nonsense, most doctors followed CDC guidelines, which is to do nothing until someone needs hospitalization.  Now, these previous protocols did regularly treat coronaviruses, because that's a large family of viruses, not just one single monster nobody knows anything about.  

But they emphasized testing, and emphasized staying home and isolating from anyone for 14 days.  And if you got bad enough, they emphasized those damn ventilators, which increased your risk of dying dramatically.  It may be great news they are finally admitting we have treatments, but it's absolutely horrible when you realize we would have been better off if no one knew anything about this disease.

Public health fails again.  

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