Tuesday, October 6, 2020

The Rorschach President

 The President's recent illness and recovery, not to mention his actions, are a sort of Rorschach test.  There's a very easy delineation too- either you are mostly still human, or you've crammed whatever humanity you have left into the cog shaped space the bureaucracy has made for you, and you go absolutely crazy because President Trump acts like a human president and not like a cog president.

Trump seems to be mostly human.  He says he had to do whatever it is he did- either the supposed risks he took that resulted infection, or the aggressive treatment with not yet approved drugs- because he has to lead.  This is the same human impulse that had kings and generals in antiquity leading from the front on the battlefield.  There is a human hierarchy, a natural one.

But there is also this bureaucratic hierarchy.  Now, obviously, modern war is much different from ancient war, so some of the reasons for not leading from the front anymore seem quite logical.  But there's also that aspect of the bureaucratic machine- where in we are all cogs, or gears, or whatever, of the machine, but some parts of the machine are more vital for the machine to run than others.  And the machine is what's most important.

Those who have completely adopted bureaucrat morality are those who are going nuts right now.  

And I see a non-trivial number of non-mainstream people doing it, in addition to all the usual suspects.  

I see this as a disqualification because, if you think/support the bureaucracy, you will -de facto- fail.  It is broken, it lives by theft, and -under the cover of various ideologies- it has killed immense numbers of people.  We need to start down a long road of discovering the natural human hierarchy.  

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