Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Vocabulary is a clue too.

It occurred to me that there are things I definitely did not know before, but I do know.

Gain of function.
PCR cycles.

Obviously, not an exhaustive list, but an illustrative one because these are things that show up in scientific literature and relate to a certain current event.

Is there any evidence that the worshippers of 'SCIENCE!" ever increase their vocabulary?  

Of course, they do seem to make up new words or take old words and given them new meaning.  

Herd Immunity.

Also a non-exhaustive list.  They've done this so much we could even list things like love and hate.  

But it's an interesting thing to note- an expansive vocabulary almost accidentally achieved via an attempt to understand the world, and a willingness to read some of this stuff that could be called science-

Versus a shrinking vocabulary further obfuscated by intentionally attempting to change the language to take away the ability to point out clear errors in thinking.  We must have 'progress' after all, regardless of how absolutely unlike progress it seems.

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