Monday, March 22, 2021

Real Girl Power

 I saw a graphic novel today called Paper Girls.  I have no idea of the plot- just the front cover.  A pack of girls on bicycles, drawn as replacements for the more historical paper boys.  

It struck me that this sort of thing removes all power girls have despite the tendency for these types of things to allegedly be about 'girl power.'  One of the reasons there were paper boys in the first place is because the boys wanted enough pocket money to date the girls.  A lot of thankless tasks were done for this reason alone, and it tended to keep society a bit more glued together.

The boys would grow up and do a lot more.  While there were certainly men who had some particular ambition- perhaps in a particular field- I suspect the vast majority were negotiating a landscape of competing ambitions and expectations in that not quite yet dead society.  So whatever job, higher education- whatever they were capable of- they were likely to reach a lot higher if the girls with real girl power were around.

This is statistically relevant, I think.  There's always outliers who help push society along and will attempt to do so even as society itself seems hell bent on destroying itself.  Elon Musk manages to get some astronauts in space as riots were taking place.  Didn't that happen before? I wouldn't find it hard to imagine humans have been on the cusp of spaceflight like a thousand times before, only to sink back down into the dirt because the few who would fly so high were always way outnumbered.

From a population perspective, a bunch of sort of average guys striving to be a little better than average, trying to get a little farther along for the sake of their wives and family means a lot more than the outliers- at least in terms of quality of human life here on Earth.  It certainly means a lot more than whatever the paper girls could signify.  Or e-girls for that matter.

I don't think I have done enough justice to the concept of real girl power here.  Not sure that I can properly elucidate.  I can tell you I have seen a few who have managed, and I think they don't shit-test their husbands- at least, not like the more pessimistic parts of the manosphere would suggest.  I think their dedication inspires dedication.  

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