Monday, April 26, 2021

Three Things I Have Been Pondering.

 Here are a few things I have been pondering.

1.    Surveillance levels in these bail-free/Soros DA cities must be very high.  Imagine being a cop in one of these places where you can literally see some guy stab someone to death, but then he gets out.  Your higher ups are just throwing these criminals back on the street.  It may be tough to operate directly against the D.A. and other administrators willing to throw you under the bus, but the criminals are violent- thus there's both an impetus for some form of vigilantism and some plausible deniability.  Either the police themselves, or friends of police could target the violent criminals, and if the violent criminals die in what looks like violent criminal behavior, it would be tough to track that back to the cops.

But, as far as I can tell, there's no indication that this is happening.  No remarks in the press.  Anyone show up on the police blotter a couple of times and then show up in the morgue?  If so, no one is making these connections.  So, what I suspect is the cops are being spied on, to the point where any breath of this type of thing is shut down.

2.    Recently, India's supposed COVID19 emergency is being touted in the news.  It is doubtful this is actually a per capita/people actually dying thing in the sense that you probably can't prove they are doing worse than any other country currently experiencing the same seasons when you correct for population size.  But the weird thing to me is this lack of oxygen supply.  The media is also suggesting a perplexing lack of other things- perplexing because they already make a lot of the world's medical supplies- including vaccines- so why would they have a sudden supply problem that they need America's help with?  We don't make much any more.  

I also know you can make oxygen through electrolysis.  It's a little dangerous because you pass a current through the water.  You get hydrogen and oxygen, and if I remember right you can sequester one or the other based on which electrode the bubbles are coming from.  They are both flammable, obviously, but if you were in serious need of oxygen to save people, wouldn't you try something rather than wait and let people die?  I recently saw some twitter clip where an oxygen tank in Baghdad exploded in a hospital, taking out a lot of people.  It seems to me less dangerous to try electrolysis since the gases wouldn't be under pressure like that tank was.

3.  I watch Japanese stuff in an attempt to learn Japanese.  Especially if we look at the sort of stuff the globalists are trying to disrupt their society with, I suspect they are going with a 'one too many shit tests' type of thing.  Sure, there are things I just won't watch, but I end up watching dramas heavy on romance because they tend to rely heavily on dialogue.  And I've seen them just push beyond where things are acceptable- think divorce and/or giving back a ring at a point where a relationship, marriage, or even a pregnancy already exists.  Sure, I suspect the story-line generally ends up with the couple back together and happier than ever, because it feeds into women wanting the man to go above and beyond and love them despite all this stuff.  

But it's fundamentally past the point where it's plausibly something a guy should put up with.  Usually, it's not as bad as the garbage you find in Western films- though I do turn things off, so I can't claim to know everything. Still, though the Japanese are smart, I have no doubt there are likely impressionable young women who amp it up a little bit too much, lose their real match, and then end up playing that miserable game in the big city, where they are always imagining Mr. Big is going to come along and make everything alright- but the best they will ever have is in their rearview mirror.


Phil Ossifer said...

I last was in downtown Minneapolis in 2019. You could see the cameras on top of and alongside buildings everywhere.

Phil Ossifer said...

I last was in downtown Minneapolis in 2019. You could see the cameras on top of and alongside buildings everywhere.