Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Voting for Anyone Else

Bobby Jindal recently won the election for Louisiana's governorship, and he did it primarily by being the "other." Seriously, the majority of the commercials were, "Bobby Jindal has Ideas." followed by the website which you could allegedly go to in order to learn about these ideas. I didn't.

We know from Kerry's botched presidential campaign that most people don't go to the website when they hear these ads. Instead they just ignore you. In Bobby Jindal's case, that was actually a good thing. Policy, even good policy, can complicate things when all people want is someone obviously different than the idiots currently running things.

This is sad for me, because I generally like policy. In fact, I think Bobby's policy, especially compared to his opponents, is pretty good, but I don't think most voters actually cared.

I'm watching Ron Paul's campaign, and I wonder if a similar thing isn't happening. Ron Paul actually has to open his mouth and say something different in order for people to realize he is different, but as he does it seems more and more people are interested. But do they actually understand anything that he is saying? There are so many diverse groups supporting him that I suspect not. In fact, I notice the standard media attack against him is to charge him with believing some nonsense that some of his supporters believe.

Well, I'll be happy to see good policy implemented, or more precisely, the mountain of bad policy removed.

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