Monday, December 31, 2007

Roto Rooter Run Around

Root Rooter can't field a customer service complaint. Here call this number- Oh, she's on vacation? Well, call this number- Oh, that person just sends you back to me? Well I wonder what's next. And I am very tired of calling long distance- Cincinatti, I believe.
And why exactly do I need to call anyone? If you are the customer service rep., don't you talk to your fellow employees? Can't you at least check to see if anyone is in the office?

I was hoping some sanity would return today. The boss of the local Roto Rooter crew is supposedly back today. I called early and the secretary promised he would call when he got in. So far he has not called, which suggests to me he does not understand the seriousness of the situation. If any of these people actually understood the situation, someone would have been at my door at 8am this morning to fix this thing. But no, no one has called me, except of course for Pat Swanson, who was returning my call and hasn't done anything except tell me to call other people.

I wonder who exactly should I send the bill to, when I get someone else to come and fix what they broke?
I wonder what exactly do they expect to be paid, especially since they haven't fixed the original problem?
What about my inconvience? Do they understand that?

So now, barring a miracle, I'll have to wait until the eighth to take to Sharon Thomas, who's having a nice comfy vacation right now- with a tub that works! I don't know if it is better to just call a real plumber or wait. I don't know if I can wait. This is really frustrating!

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