Friday, December 14, 2007

This Just In From the Culture of Death

Coyote finds an environmentalist telling the truth. The true target is less prosperity and fewer humans. Coyote also helpfully disects the argument, showing that less prosperity is actually worse for the environment.

This is why I post on pseudomorality. It looks like normal morality, but then you follow it through to the conclusion and you find immorality, death. Biblical stewardship involved a close relationship with the land. We take care of our world so that it can be productive, and take care of us. They don't want us to be a part of this world at all.

Certain gnostic sects held that all flesh was evil; therefore procreation was evil. So, by that logic, deviant sexual acts were a bit more acceptable because they wouldn't result in children. The core of environmentalism is highly similar.

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