Thursday, January 3, 2008

82 Left

I've got 82 items in Google Reader and an hour before the coffee shop closes. Normally this is a piece of cake. I'd probably run out with 30 minutes to spare. But I can't concentrate. I can't even type! I keep missing keys and having to backspace. The last bunch of things I just sort of glazed over.
My brain keeps thinking it wants to solve the problem, but there's nothing I can do to solve the problem. I don't even have new information to work with. Everyone is closed.
That girl who played River in Firefly is in the new Terminator series.
That just came on T.V., which distracted me.

So, I will leave it alone. I don't like doing that because it will be there tomorrow. Maybe it's time to prune the list, but then again my life has been a bit upside down lately.

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