Thursday, January 3, 2008

Practically Incoherent Thanks to Roto Rooter

I'm not sure I can describe accurately what happened today. Stu apparently replaced the part that his men broke, but my tub still doesn't drain. He claims they also fixed the problem I called them out for and that my tub doesn't drain because the plumbing isn't up to code. The problem is, my tub used to drain. I've been in the house since summer. How can he have fixed all the problems, fixed the thing his men broke, and I still have a tub that won't drain. Oh, and some kind of leak too?
I don't know for sure what kind of leak it was. I decided to test the tub and take a shower too, because I really needed one. The tub didn't drain, and I found a leak. I'm hoping that it's water from the tub going out under the house, but I don't know if it is or not, because I couldn't tell if the water level in the tub was dropping or not.
Obviously, I am no longer using his services. I certainly don't want him to touch the plumbing ever again. I am particularly worried because he kept saying the plumbing was really shoddy under there. I will be quite suspicious if things start to break. What am I saying, things ARE BROKEN?!
Someone from Roto Rooter corporate called sometime after Stu left. I was, and still am, practically incoherent because of this experience. My phone went dead because it was out of batteries. I ate nothing except a crust of bread and drank way too much coffee today and I spent all my time standing in my kitchen waiting for it to be over.
He had promised me he would fix my tub and not charge me for anything if that was what my conscience allowed. My conscience most certainly allowed. I don't think the tub is fixed though. It looks distinctly broken. I thank God that I did not break down and give him any money, because when he was grandstanding at the last moment, trying to get money out of me, I thought he was just telling me my problem would return, not that he was literally leaving with water sitting there in the tub.

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