Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Difference Will Soon Be Indistinguishable

I've learned recently that corporations are really just smaller versions of government. You got the few who actually do the real work, and then a bunch of people who are apparently there to constantly misdirect you until you get tired and go away. And then today, The Audacious Epigone further clarifies the similarity, whether he meant to or not. Apparently some are noticing that nations are competing with each other, and are lamenting that fact. A.E. counters:
Funny that these globalists favor laissez faire capitalism at the corporate level, but advocate communalism at the national level.

I don't know whether he'd call me a globalist or not. I want free trade. I don't like global government, and I am all for healthy competition among the nations. Cut your national tax rate to compete with your neighbors! Change your immigration laws so that you attract other countries' smart people! Cut regulations and let business flourish!
Sometimes I wonder if we wouldn't be better served by a corrupt, but enlightened despot, who understood that free markets worked, than by those who are motivated by altruism but don't understand economics. A corrupt but knowledgeable despot would keep us free, as long as an incentive to do so existed. Meanwhile, the altruist will be busy tyrannizing us in the name of the children with the zealotry of a maniac, and a clean conscience as well.

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