Friday, February 1, 2008

Spying on Oneself

Felix Culpa posted on humility and humor. I found this part particularly interesting:

It becomes tiresome for a man to spy on his own self, to see what virtues he has, what passions he has, for then he is mixed up in a vicious cycle of thoughts and most of the thoughts are satanic. Thus, when he spies on his own self and analyzes himself, he may end up in schizophrenia as well, as the Elder characteristically used to say. What he stressed more is that, when man wants to repent and live another life, he must work positively, that is, keep God's will, God's commandments. What does God tell me? I must pray. What does God say? I must have love. What does God say? I should do that. To keep God's will – and then automatically he is also healed internally. That is, he sees that he cannot keep God's will perfectly and likewise he sees that he cannot do without God either, in which case prayer, searching, begins.

This is consistent with what I know.

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