Friday, February 1, 2008

The Velvet Sword

Via Ingrid I found Feminization of the Evangelical Man: Men More Interested in Nice Than Truth by Steve Camp:

There is a feminization going on in evangelicalism today that has recently spilled over to the blogosphere. It has manifested itself by saying things like,

"All you truth-detectors and discernment watch-dogs are just so nasty all the time... Can't we all just get along? Just be nice; make nice; play nice; and OOZE nice? I don't think it is loving to criticize others. You're all just a bunch of big 'ol meanies. You think you know it all. If you say anything negative, I'm just going to ignore you. Tissue please... it's just too much to bear..."

These toy-soldiers carry what I call "a velvet covered sword." It's lightweight, easy to wield, isn't designed for battle, takes little strength to lift it, looks inviting, and won't cut too deep for fear of offending too greatly. It's like reading the ESV or NASB; and then one day you pickup up a copy of The Message thinking that it too is a Bible; when all that it is, is just a velvet covered sword.

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