Saturday, February 23, 2008


Vox day invents words in order to talk about God. Voliscience, defined as being able to know what you want, when you want to, doesn't sound too bad, but I wonder if it would actually clear things up for anyone. Humans have real trouble with God's characteristics, but they seem to have even more trouble with the characteristics of the non-existent.

Nothing really is nothing. It doesn't matter how much knowledge you have about unicorns; they don't exist. Voliscience works because it describes God's ability to create at will; he can create knowledge about things that don't exist, just like we have a lot information about Santa Claus. God can create knowledge just as He can create the real thing. So I wonder how helpful the word will be; in any argument the user of the new vocabulary will still have to deal with those who don't understand the nature of nothing. People are still running around with some hazy idea of a world of ideal forms, which really plays havoc in theological arguments. Add in the time issue, with people assuming that the future exists somehow, and it's looking more likely that the new word will do little more than be a new point of contention.

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