Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jesus Brought the Evidence

Thomas, who believed in Jesus before the crucifixion, had a lot of trouble believing in the Resurrection and insisted on very specfic evidence. Jesus showed up with the evidence and urged him to satisfy himself, but of course, to see and speak with the Lord was enough for Thomas to believe. Faith, reason, evidence, and the love of God together in one story.

Is this not happening all the time? Perhaps we don't see, but Thomas wanted to do more- to touch, and being able to see confirmed his belief. Perhaps we go through life thinking we need the big event, the uber-miracle, but when we turn and see where we've come from, it's really the smaller things that keep us going. If we expect a transformative experience, doesn't that indicate in some way that we don't believe we are transformed? (Obviously there is a process going on here, and we are being transformed, but sometimes people act as if they are trying constantly re-create the same experience.)

Jesus didn't stand aloof and declare Thomas simply believe through faith.
Nor did Thomas, having received sufficient evidence, insist on more to satisfy some standard.
God reveals Himself in love, we accept in love.

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