Thursday, March 20, 2008

Obama Loyalty

As I noted earlier, I have been trying to find something useful about loyalty, anything really, and it appears the word has been completely subverted. Apparently, loyalty to a brand, party, or some kind of group is the order of the day. There isn't much in the way of loyalty to a person, to one another.

Except, of course, after the recent speech Obama made. Suddenly he is loyal, though I think his grandma might have something to say about that. He is loyal to his racist preacher/mentor, which should come as no surprise. The reason he is loyal to his racist preacher and is happy to disparage his grandmother to prove it is that he is, in fact, loyal to the leftist mythology involving black Americans. So, unfortunately, this is yet another one of those situations where the real allegiance goes to a group, not to individual people. All of this should be obvious to people who read his book, but unfortunately most of the people who read his book love identity politics.

Clear evidence of a poisoned mind. Obama's grandmother took care of him. Her supposed crime was fear of black men she encountered traveling to and from work. Especially one black man in particular who harassed her. Why didn't Obama remember he was part of the family and get mad at a stranger who would accost his grandma? Why didn't Obama get mad at his grandmother for being afraid of men? (Just as crazy but a political non-starter.)

Meanwhile this racist pastor condemns whites and America. Obama is half-white. Why not be upset? And, apparently he's American enough to want to be president, though that could be taken as evidence agianst his patriotism.

This is how group identity leads to living out of contact with God and family. If there is a dialectic of hatred in your church, please understand that the spirit in that is not the Holy Spirit. And if you are silly enough to equate a legitimate fear that your grandmother had with it, that means your faculties have been dulled.

I don't think he'll get the nomination. At this point he looks like a puppet- the strings lead back to Hilary. In any case, McCain would beat him easily in the general elections. I am sure the superdelegates will be made aware the fact.

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