Friday, April 4, 2008

Decisions Among the Flock

Seamus McCauley has written of new research that seems to confirm certain concepts. Seamus extrapolates:

If animals' flocking behaviour requires them to keep in mind a similar or even the same number of individuals as the Dunbar Number suggests they are able to maintain as a social circle...then we have at least a correlation between friendship groups and decision-making.

Good stuff. His post is much more in-depth than I intend here. This kind of stuff is important for community. There much to think about in regard to developing a stable existence within the group, and much to think about in terms of new people entering coming into the group. How do people from a lower socio-economic level handle a group with a higher socio-economic level? On the one hand, they would see a variety of choices outside of their economic capability, on the other, they may see more responsible choices. What's most likely to matter? How quickly can one become acculturated?

There are so many more questions. I need a research department.

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