Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ecumenism and the Pope

Father Ray Blake has the text of the the Pope's speech at the ecumenical service:
Fundamental Christian beliefs and practices are sometimes changed within communities by so-called “prophetic actions” that are based on a hermeneutic not always consonant with the datum of Scripture and Tradition. Communities consequently give up the attempt to act as a unified body, choosing instead to function according to the idea of “local options”. Somewhere in this process the need for diachronic koinonia - communion with the Church in every age - is lost, just at the time when the world is losing its bearings and needs a persuasive common witness to the saving power of the Gospel (cf. Rom 1:18-23).

The whole thing is quite interesting. The main message of this visit seems to be explaining to Catholics the need to actually be Catholic. In practical terms that means learning the Catholic dogma, tradition, etc... and then applying it. As Americans, we can feel quite removed from tradition and meaningful authority.
Whatever the popular Christian thing is, whether it's the end times novels, prosperity gospel, etc... I haven't seen Catholics (clergy or laity) explaining the error. On issues like evolution, the perfectly reasonable Catholic position gets ignored for the fireworks going on between fundamentalists and atheists.
And lately, I've been wondering if we don't need a Catholic political party in this country. I realize the left would immediately try to highjack it, but the current parties aren't even trying to field a morally acceptable candidate.

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