Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Need a Diet?

The Shangri La Diet.

It looks highly improbable, but it works. I didn't realize how well it worked because I'm a foodie, so cooking and eating is a bit of a hobby for me, but that's why it's good to have Lent. During Lent I discovered how much I could restrict my calories without discomfort.

This was a big deal for me, because not too long ago I'd be hit with powerful waves of hunger and get all out of sorts if I didn't eat. The cafe next to work loved the business, but it felt like I was a drug addict. Now I'm trying to decide whether I want a cup or a half cup of whatever- and my main concern isn't hunger- it's making sure I get enough protein when my calorie intake is so low.

As some one mentioned on the forums, this is more like engineering than a diet.

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