Tuesday, April 8, 2008

End That Old Fascist Tradition

Interesting point from Edwin Hesselthwite:

The Olympics' modern themes: nationalised competition, the political impartiality of sport, the cultural supremacy of Ancient Greece, amateurism, drug-free bodily perfection, and the emphasis on grandiose theatrics all have their roots in the traditions of German Naturism and early fascism that was the focus of the 1936 Berlin Olympic games.

I've never particularly hated the Olympics but I haven't seen much point to it since my childhood days when the public school system kept pumping me full of statist nonsense. Surely, each respective sport could develop a more satisfing competition, for those who care, without such arbitrary boundaries.

The Olympic ceremonies do look like something Leni Riefenstahl came up with, which a veiwing of Triumph of Will can verify. The only difference is it's much harder to figure out who the fuhrer is at the Olympics. I have no doubt even the phrase "triumph of will" will be used at various point throughout the Olympics.

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