Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Internet Is Your Friend

There are a lot of accusations flying in regard to the teen girl who was beaten by six other girls. Since the perpetrators decided to film the incident and put it up on youtube, many are saying the internet is part of the problem.

Look, I wish those who perpetrated violence in my teen years had access to the internet and decided to do this. Violent people are stupid and they do stupid things- the fact that there is a youtube means THEY GO TO JAIL. It also means that Mommy and Daddy actually get to see the level of crap that you have to put up with so they will take it seriously and yank you out of the pure hell of public school, which is the real problem, instead of constantly underestimating the problem and trying to convince you to "get along."

Maybe I am not making myself clear. Here is my contention- this would have happened, indeed things like this did happen, well before the internet. What does the internet bring to this situation? EVIDENCE!

It's very aggravating to see how many people are blaming the internet, or social networking sites, when there's nothing going on that wasn't going on before these things existed. The internet didn't repeatedly punch the girl. The internet is about communicating, and if criminals want to use the internet in order to broadcast evidence of their crimes, we should be saying GOD BLESS THE INTERNET.

I got really upset when I heard her father talking about how the government should make a law or something this morning. I realize the guy is a bit traumatized, but somebody needs to help him see the giant flaw in his logic. Doesn't anyone realize things could have been a lot worse without the internet?

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