Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Failure To Obey Authority

Here is a sad story about an autistic boy being banned from church. As you might guess, I think the real problem here is a failure to obey authority, but I don't think it's the boy who is at fault. No, the problem here is the parents, especially the mom, whom I've actually seen video of.

She simply has no respect for the authority of the priest, or anyone else for that matter. There apparently were several attempts to provide alternatives, such as streaming video of Mass to a separate room, but the parents refused. The parent's argument are incredibly vapid, resting on some God given right to go to Mass and the idea that their son is blameless of his behavior because the autism makes him do it.

The parents apparently have a problem obeying the men with guns as well- they've already violated the restraining order by taking their son to the church.

Note how we have an authority figure (the priest) practically bending over backwards to make it work, and only going to secular authority as a last resort. You won't find that with other kinds of authority- like the I.R.S. for example. They are always right and they'll raid your house and throw you in jail to prove it. Unfortunately, in this country, I doubt many of us can really identify true authority anymore- the parents probably don't understand what they have done.

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