Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Warning Label

I do wish certain people put warning labels on their sites. Something similar to this would do fine:

I do actually enjoy the massive, negative roller coaster that is my life. In fact, should I ever run out of things to obsess about, I will be sure to run out and do something stupid, and then spend several weeks obsessing about why I did that stupid thing. Don't bother with any honest or true teaching, nothing that has even a whiff of solid christain thought behind it, but do feel free to give me feel good, new age confirmations so that I can go on being a self-centered train-wreck.

Reading such dross isn't fun at all, it's like going to the nearest alley and watching a drug addict shoot-up. I want to help end the cycle; all the user wants is to guarantee the next hit, and in the world of blogging, any comment turns into fodder for more of the emotional rollercoaster. So eventually, I go away. I don't like watching people hurt themselves.

And no, I'm not going to link to what I'm talking about. You can find examples of it out there yourself.

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