Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Taste Of Louisiana- Election Style

Thanks to the legendary Edwin Edwards, Louisiana has a strange election process for governor. Edwin Edwards was governor for most of my life, and he wanted to consolidate his power even more. He thought that the primary system was causing him problems, so he amended the state constitution.

Now every candidate from every party runs together and the top two winners have a run-off afterwards.

Edwin Edwards thought that such a system enhances Democratic party's chances at winning, and it did, unless an extremely liberal black man runs. Extremely liberal black men get the black vote, which tends to be enough to get second place and make it to the run-off. Republicans, of course vote for the republican candidate.

In a run-off between a liberal black and an average republican, white democrats overwhelmingly vote for the republican. And the republican wins.

I think the politicos in the Democratic party know this, but if the superdelegates actually do give Obama the nod, McCain will win. McCain won't have to play to the conservatives at all. He will be able to play the centrist and ignore the people in his own party that don't like him.

I'm hoping for some divine help in this election. The known options are unacceptable. We need a miracle just to get a valid option on the table.

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