Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Download Problems?

If recent weeks are any indication, I think we will all become extremely frustrated customers before long. Downloads that used to take about five minutes are now taking much longer, and in some cases I don't get them at all. It's a similar issue in two different places with two different browsers- but the same provider.

Early in the morning I can download with no problem. Obviously, fewer people are on-line then, but the window of time is ridiculously short. Will this get to the point where we can't really download anything from noon to midnight? This isn't bit-torrent I'm talking about. I download audio and video podcasts, most of which I've listened to or watched for over a year and yes, download times have gotten much worse! I'm sure some of them are very popular and part of the problem is at the server, but that doesn't explain all of it!

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