Thursday, June 5, 2008

Feeling Sorry For Hillary

Lest anyone still believe that journalists are objective, let me point out the incessant news stories about a non-event, namely Hillary Clinton quitting. Story after story, day after day, each incrementally more strident than the past. Whether or not there ever was a real rumor coming from her campaign, someone in the mainstream media has just issued her a deadline; tomorrow or else.

In the midst of the real problem Obama has with his associates laying bare his connections with extremely unsavory ideologies, the media has been quietly trotting out the weapons with which to throttle Hillary should she choose to ignore the deadline. Someone suggests she will lose her chance at the V.P. spot, despite the fact everyone knows she doesn't want that. Bill Clinton's promiscous ways are once again newsworthy. I wouldn't be surprised if those long established rumors of lesbianism rise from the blogging deep to surface in the mainstream media. Who knows? Somebody might bring up Whitewater, Vince Foster, or that law firm again.

Trouble is, as they pop out stories that we already know about Hillary, real stories come out about Obama, and those are really damaging, especially with the public that actually votes. Hillary has a strong incentive to go on to the convention, and I believe her nominaton makes more sense for the party as well. But the left is susceptible to it's own seductions; youth, violence, change. etc...

Trotsky comes to mind. So does LBJ vs JFK, but LBJ caved, took the V.P. spot... I could continue that thought into conspiratorial realms, but why bother? Could Hillary actually bear the indignity of second place. I suppose she could if she realized she might be able to eke out more than 8 years- oh wait, sorry, I wasn't going to go there. I guess one's sympathy for such a character can only extend so far. After all, she's kind of like the Sith lord who takes on a student; she should have known they'd try to kill her.

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