Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mrs. T. Knocks Feminism Out

Anna rights another stellar post, this time about the distribution of power in marriage. It's just too good. Please read it all, because I can't really do it justice with a bunch of quotes. But I'll quote one small point here:

By the way, I'm sincerely puzzled by the claim that men have "everything" in the thrilling and exciting world out there, while women have "nothing" in the boring and limiting confines of their kitchens. My husband is a normal man with an ordinary job. He doesn't walk out of the door every morning to a day of excitement, partying, and adrenaline. His job is much more confined to a set routine, and includes much less variety, than my work here at home. My husband works hard to provide for us, and doesn't complain because his job isn't the highlight of his dreams. The situation is the same for most men.

My feelings exactly. Most careers are boring. I can't even figure out how little girls, who as children like the princess fantasy, would trade it for a making power point presentations fantasy. When you have a family and a real home life, you are actually creating a realm that didn't exist before! What's better than that?

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