Friday, June 13, 2008

Transformers: Less Than Meets The Eye

The good part was the transforming and fighting part. John Turturro put everyone else to shame, being the only human who was reliably acting. But the really frustrating thing?

Why can't Hollywood show a real hacker's computer? They still fill the screen up with pretty graphics that defy explanation. Yes, I realize you are trying to crack an encrypted signal, but we know you want to look cool while doing it, so we'll waste all your cpu cycles drawing pretty pictures on screen!!! And to make it more unbelievable, we'll get stuff done in five minutes.

I'd like to see the command line, linux, perhaps bsd. Extra kudos to the director who puts Backtrack, or a similar system on-screen. This stuff is out there on the internet, free, authentic, and the crowd dedicated to this stuff, while small, is fanatical. So you can spend tons of money making the hacking look completely fake, but pretty to people who know nothing, or spend almost nothing to boot into something real and get people who will go out and buy your movie just because your movie has the real stuff in it.

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