Friday, June 13, 2008

When 'I don't get it' Actually Means 'A Moment of Clarity'

Stephanie notices the Christian world:

Why is it that there are so many different denominations of Christians?

The answer, of course, is our relationship, or lack thereof, with authority. I think, deep down, Stephanie must know this, because she recognizes a problem:

And I don't get how we as Revolutionaries plan on building the kingdom of God and bringing Christ to people when we are so divided--and very obviously divided.

It's simple really. We won't. Revolutionaries have never brought unity. Revolutionaries divide and destroy. The reason we have a massive number of denominations is precisely because we have whole bunch of revolutionaries who like to rebel against whatever authority came before.

So if you want to unite, you have to drop the revolutionary model. Can you see anything remotely like a revolution in the Our Father? Does it make any sense that Jesus is King of Kings, but you go out to revolt? Don't we have so many brothers and sisters throughout history whose traditions and examples we want to promote, and not sweep away like revolutionaries do?

We have a family, a king, and well-tested traditions, so if you are addicted to words beginning with r, I'd suggest restoration. What word do you think they'll use if we do ever end denominations? Unity restored sounds a lot more sensical than unity revolted.

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