Monday, July 21, 2008

Noticing Word Magic

JPB notices some are asking the wrong question:

Could it be that this is a false dichotomy? That neither corporate nor individual salvation is more or less important, fundamental, primary, causal or Biblical than the other?

I would say this type of distinction is loosely like saying,

"Ice v.s. Water Vapor! Fight!"

No one shall learn very much about water in the above example, and what they do learn shall mislead, with a nonexistent conflict taking up much of the mental map. Not only that, but we most often experience water as liquid, which should be the bulk of the conversation if we shall have anything applicable to implement after the discussion.

This is the trouble with words. We can do cool and interesting things to words that have no basis in reality, because the real thing, in this case salvation, can't be compartmentalized and manipulated like words can. Corporate and individual barely make it into the vocabulary that might reasonably be applied to salvation in any context, just across the sanity line from strawberry and chocolate. I assume that the words corporate and individual could be used in association with the word salvation under certain highly specialized circumstances, such as if the Church had to respond to a heretic who used such language first.

Great example of the classic weakness in aristotelian logic, and I'm glad someone else noticed.

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