Friday, January 23, 2009

Blagojevich Continues

I'm not sure why exactly the various government forces insist on behaving so badly toward Blagojevich. You'd think they could reliably find him guilty of something with out this sort of weirdness:

The governor, along with his lawyers, say the trial rules are unfair, in part because they bar him from calling witnesses who are likely to be called in any criminal corruption trial later.

Lovely. Just create the impression that a corruption trial is likely, and then bar the defendant from calling any witnesses! This has to be a result of the federal interference because I can't see how a state official would want it to go down this way. At least a few of them have hopes of being governor one day and I am sure they wouldn't want this happening to them. Could we, perhaps, be able to convince at least some section of the political class that it would imprudent to allow the current situation to continue? Could they realize that they too suffer the under the whims of bureaucrats?

Of course, state politicians are also dazzled by the prospect of one day becoming federal politicians, not to mention the addicting inducing pattern of federal funding to states. I can only hope that the threat to self-preservation gets strong enough to compete with their dreams of power.

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