Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Math Made Manifest

If democracy, as defined and deified by the progressivist left, continues unabated, we will run out of everything. The simple reason is this- in our country one can either make something, or going to Washington and take something. The progressivists march forward, mesmerized by their illusions, to starvation.

Why grow food when you can go to Washington and appropriate it from someone else?
Plus, instead of being a lowly farmer, you can create a mythology around yourself about how important you are, how you are saving the world!

The gander would humbly request that you stop killing the geese, and perhaps allow a golden egg or two to hatch ever so often. Unfortunately, the very nature of the progressive game makes it impossible for such restraint to occur. Politics, having been laid open, ostensibly to everyone, is now a tragedy of the commons. They cannot help but grab for everything.

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