Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Depression Economics For Colleges

Vox suggests the education business, especially college, is about to experience a downfall.

The supply of college graduates has nearly quadrupled since 1950 and the limits of the demand for them has been exceeded. Therefore their price is bound to decline.

Meanwhile, of course, all those endowments, government funding, and other assets are plummeting. A storm of bad news for college administrators. Whatever could they do?

Well, last time I looked women went to college more than men, something like 60/40- rapidly getting worse. The degree they are being sold (especially if it's a sociology degree) is basically useless. Also, in these trying economic times, with dire uncertainty of gainful employment, they will become more interested in getting married.

So, the colleges that ditch all manner of politically correct pap first and start lavishing what's left of their assets on men with high IQs who look like they might be interested in marriage rather than yet another kegger...

... will be the colleges that survive and actually grow, on both sides of the coin. Alumni will be more likely to donate and participate, and more women will be interested in the college. Those that attend the wedding are quite likely to be back for orientation.

Of course, while this is going on, someone ought to rethink how education ought to be sold in this country. Sprawling campuses are a bit expensive in terms of upkeep; meanwhile we still haven't adapted to the internet properly. Even the most internet savvy colleges appear to be trying to sell the same degrees for pretty much the same price over the internet, but the price should be much lower for there are fewer costs involved in educating more people. But I digress, for this post was supposed to be entirely about throwing the gender studies department over the wall and employing good old matrimony as the new way forward for the smart college administrator.

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