Tuesday, July 7, 2009

School Children Get Place

Snuffy is back, apparently with a passel of kids who know better than the education syndicate in the U.K.:

One of the smaller boys leans forward. ‘No Miss, none of that stuff is important. Well, I mean, it’s important, but we’d learn so much more if everyone in the class just listened to the teacher.’

Listening is a prerequisite for learning, which is what one does in a school. If you can't learn and/or don't want to learn, what is a school? That's right boys and girls- prison.

But in 21st century inner-city London schools, that notion is simply absurd. Go to school and learn? Pah! What nonsense. What are these children thinking? That’s so 19th century. Ed Balls would never have it. Children to take responsibility for themselves? Children having to meet certain standards or face consequences? Of course not. That would mean creating the kind of environment that my 15 pupils want: where schools would be places of learning instead of chaos.

Equal use is a vapid daydream that kills the only part of equality that we can get close to- equal access. In order to preserve equal access, you actually have to preserve the place and it's meaning. In places that have anything do to with education, you have to accept that some will excel, and therefore use more of the resource, while others won't like it so much and leave as soon as they are able.
It's truly horrible for everyone when we try to equalize use, and even worse when we try to equalize outcomes.

Ed Balls will, if he's allowed to, make life very rough for homeschoolers too. Seems, much like his American counterparts, to be dead set on making it pretty much impossible for children to learn anything. I don't suppose this is part of a plan to keep people dumb enough to think voting still works, is it?

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