Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Voice Versus Truth

When the poor cry out, we should hear them and respond in love.
When the ignorant (poor or not) make policy everyone is in trouble.
This corresponds in a small way with my previous post, because libraries in the U.S. are slouching towards mere entertainment precisely because of the voice of the 'poor'. The leftist revere this 'voice,' but it is a voice that ultimately pushes to buy blunt edged entertainment over anything that would inform or refine a human being. Similarly, the poor all to often fall for redistributive schemes which kill their economies. Instead of raising increasing everyone's welfare, they unintentionally (though I think the elite ideologues often do this intentionally) destroy everyone elses well being.

So, much depends on what precisely is meant by voice. In one case we are alerted to need, which we can handle by using our resources in charity. In the other case, our resources are stolen from us and squandered, often never seen again by us or those in need, but eaten by the leviathan.

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