Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wanted: A Secessionist's Honeypot

Well, really what I'd like is to let a thousand nations bloom, but I figure the risk to the first to declare independence is pretty high.

Honeypots are designed to look like vunerable and highly desirable networked computers. When someone attacks a honeypot, the attack can be analyzed, recorded, and sometimes traced back to the attacker. Honeypots can also be used to keep an attacker's attention away from other, more vital areas.

So, whether it's those wanting a State of Jefferson, the Alaskan Independence Party, or those who would homestead the high seas, all have an interest in seeing a successful challenge to the status quo. I would also argue even an unsuccesful challenge would be helpful, inasmuch as it would provide us some clue as to what future secessionists would be up against.

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