Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chomsky's Folly

I watched a video put out by Fora.tv. It was one old peace activist interviewing another, and the other was Noam Chomsky. He's at the age now where one can be lulled into thinking he's reasonable, like grandpas generally do seem reasonable, until they do something crazy- altogether unlike teenagers, who seem crazy, until they go and do something reasonable. Also, I've softened considerably towards the peace movement, especially since the U.S. has demonstrated a complete inability to figure out when, exactly, to stop. In retrospect, they don't seem particularly skilled in when to start either.
So what got to me in the video was the seemingly congenital defect- an inability to realize the state that has the power to act paternally will inevitably act militarily.
One has to be deeply ignorant of the facts to assume for one second that a government can properly administer health-care, but even assuming one could solve the knowledge problem all socialist undertakings suffer from, you have to have a state so large that it will inevitably go to war. There are simply too many incentives to go to war for politicians. This is why Obama, the supposed peace candidate, is in office and the U.S. is still at war in various places. The same impulse to control a sector of the domestic economy will lead to attempts to control foreign lands, often times for the same syrupy stated intentions.

It was nice too that the two peaceniks noticed their own people have pretty much chucked their protest signs now that Obama is in office. It was also nice to hear Chomsky didn't like any of the candidates last election either. Now, if they could just see the nasty little things they dislike about corporations are really characteristics they inherited from their father- government- then maybe we could make some headway against the politicos together.

Sadly, Chomsky thinks dislike of government is the result of a propaganda effort by big business- the same big business that apparently likes to keep government big, and working for them. I believe big business and big government are engaged in a mutual corruption, but ultimately, since the government lays a legal claim to the use of force, it is the ultimate enemy. End corporate 'personhood', intellectual property, fiat money- a handful of changes and the corporations shall come to order.

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