Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Illuminating Interveiw

Brian Micklethwait interviewed Paul Marks on the financial crisis and on Obama.
The mp3 is here.

I'm sure I must have read Marks before on Samizdata, but since there are a number of authors who contribute to that blog I don't know all of them, especially those in the U.K.

In any case, I recommend listening. Marks makes a very straightforward explanation of the financial crisis. In addition, he offers a very plausible explanation for why Obama would allow outrageous monetary policy to continue unabated if he were smart. I tend to labor under the impression that Obama is merely ignorant, one of the useful idiots now with out a master, but I have to admit Marks certainly has a compelling view. As the rotten fruit of previous stimuli become obvious, one would expect the ignorant to become aware and stop, but a man intent on destruction would seek to heap failure on top of failure, until the whole thing caves in.

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