Friday, October 9, 2009

The Metrics Of The Revolutionary

It makes perfect sense that Obama won the Nobel Peace prize. These people live and breathe the revolutionary model, and the revolutionary model says that success is acheived when the 'victim' overcomes the oppressive 'authority.' Nothing particularly needs to be acheived. Words, of course, must be said; mysterious incantations that seem completely incomprehensible to those not on the left.
Once, the KGB actively subverted American society, but now, all we have left are the 'useful' idiots.
Unfortunately, they straggle along the same track. I would not be a bit surprised if we end up in much more war than we are now. Also, as so often happens, once the revolutionary has power, and it becomes rather obvious things are getting worse, the tests for ideological purity begin to appear. To the revolutionary, if the policies implemented aren't working, that doesn't mean the policies are wrong; rather, they inevitably believe counter-revolutionary forces are sabotaging their efforts.
Sadly, there aren't many counter-revolutionaries. Practically everyone uses the metaphor of revolution. This is part of the reason the social conservatives are just as unacceptable as the left; they too are invested in perpetuating the conflict. Government thrives as we teach our children that men and women are at each others throats, that there is class warfare, that any non-governmental authority (parent, minister,etc...) is trying to oppress you and is probably icky.

The one success that revolutionaries have had is that they knocked out the natural patterns of life for more than a generation. This isn't success in any real sense because, obviously, we need those patterns to survive, but it's a memetic success; when we see how badly the world is tilting out of control, we impulsively embrace the revolutionary model.

But the best diet is one that starts with where we have come from, and what we adapted to eat. Same thing with how we live, how we govern ourselves, how to have sound money, etc... The sort of patterns that makes revolutionaries restless because they can't see why they should put up with 'old things.'

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