Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Carcass of the Elephant

Bobby Jindal has apparently endorsed federal price controls on health care. Yep, even in dire times the supposed stars of the Republican party turn out to be wee little maggots left in the rotting flesh.

Tough words? No. It ought to be patently clear by now that this sort of government activity not only does not work but actually hurts people. If you are for price controls, you display your illegitimacy both from a constitutional and a utilitarian level (not that I'm fond of utilitarans all that much).

Bobby also runs around the state playing job creator-in-chief. This basically consists of making deals with corporations to bring 'large' operations into the state. This is another big government behavior that is known not to work since the eighties. The outcome of this sort of wheeling and dealing is fewer jobs overall, not more, but they play so well on television I suspect most politicians would do it even if they know better.

Perhaps Sarah Palin suffered a stroke of brilliance when she came up with the idea of resigning. The political equivalent of embalming fluid; she can maintain the perfect image of knee-jerk conservatism while potential contenders prove they are otherwise. Whatever, the formaldehyde may keep the form pretty, but function, something other than the zombie socialism that has possessed our leaders for so very long, is what we need.

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