Monday, October 5, 2009

Voting Is Not Freedom

Ah, yes, another way to run into a conversational brick wall brought to you by years of state propaganda- explain the true history of voting. That, for instance, the primary requirement for being able to vote wasn't race or gender, but rather property, especially taxable property. Back then, the ideology of conflict, which led to, among other things, the absurd idea that men and women were locked in some cycle of oppression, wasn't in full swing, and therefore it seemed only reasonable that the formula be one household, one vote.
With the advent of univeral suffrage, we now have an untenable situation, wherein those that have not use the political system to steal from those who have. Landowners are inevitably outnumbered by the landless. Business owners are outnumbered as well. And, dare I add, people who actually think are rather thin on the ground, so it's not like large chunks of those who don't own anything are going to act enlightened and vote contrary to their immediate desires.
Voting is not freedom. Principles of freedom are enshrined in the non-negotiable. The Bill of Rights was not meant to be subject to the whims of today's voters. Nor was the tenth amendment. In fact, in a properly run country, the vast majority of the population shouldn't even care about what's going on politically; normally, it just shouldn't effect us.
I'm sure about now somebody is thinking about slavery and how horrible my little discussion about voting is because of, well whatever. Did the vote free the slaves? I think not. I refer you again to the above paragraph. Being free has nothing to do with voting.
In addition, in 1790 there were approximately 4 million in the U.S., a fraction of which met the requirements for voting. Now we have a population of 300 million and the franchise has been extended to every citizen over the age of 18! Is it really that hard to notice the value of one's personal vote has plummeted to nearly nothing? On top of this, look at the stranglehold of the two major parties on the election system, and the complete lack of ability to field decent canditates. Conservatives never liked John McCain! One cannot even seriously suggest that the Republicans even made an attempt when they field a candidate that their own base finds odious. Their stranglehold on the process is criminal.

Sadly, the brainwashed immediately decide you are evil via the usual gender/race conlfict matrix because clear thinking about what a vote is, was, and should be would seriously endanger the brainwashers.

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