Friday, November 13, 2009

Fairy Castles And The Faith

Our leaders, likely under the impression that animal spirits animate the market, still refuse to let the magnitude of bad assets become clear. Instead they spin fables with wisps of smoke and trillions of newly instantiated money and try to lull our instincts to sleep. I truly wonder why many of the more spiritually minded among us don't see this for what it is: theft and fraud.
I am, of course, happy that the U.S. Catholic bishops spoke out against abortion with regard to the health-care fiasco, but I am sad that they were so emphatic about saying that we could, or, in some cases, should have this 'health-care reform.' The abortion stuff will likely be returned into the bill, the bishops are still being savaged in the press, and no one is getting the very pastoral message that maybe great big fairy tale castles in the sky aren't a solution to anyone's medical problems.

It hasn't always escaped our notice that, for instance, increasing the money supply is theft. There were once people, bishops even (Oresme), who noticed.
Then there was that entire school of Salamanca...

What we need are peaceful, orderly bankruptcy proceedings for the government and the many corporations involved in these various scams. We are bankrupt; they just hide it with their fraudulent means, stealing more from the people in the process in order to keep the charade up longer.

Anyway, more of the same bellyaching I suppose, but if you go out to do battle, you know you will, at the very least, get scolded, so instead of just saying, "hey, don't pay to murder the unborn," how about, "Hey, protect life, liberty, and property like you are supposed to and stop stealing, lying, and breaking this constitutional document from which you claim to derive your authority.

Maybe you could even note an authority that contravenes it's own, self-defined restraints (assuming one considers the restraints on the government in the constitution self-defined) is, logically, an illegitimate authority.

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