Monday, November 23, 2009

Another Reason To Fear Democracy

I was thinking about Hugo Chavez and how he is still in power despite rambling for hours a day on television and pretty much proving his lunacy over and over to his own country, not to mention the world. The thing is, how many people are smart enough to see through his initial lie? Sure, granted, many not-so-smart people will stop trusting him when their lives get worse, as, no-doubt, many are learning; how many will stop thinking their poor living conditions are due to any specific oppression? He was voted in at least once, presumably promising wonderful things to an unhappy underclass.

Are the ignorant smart enough to realize it's their ignorance, not some evil elite class that's pushing them down?

When, in this country, are people going to realize college isn't the best idea for everybody? And, when they stretch and mistreat the institutions of learning in order to take everybody, how long does it take for people to realize that what's sold as college now isn't anything like college back then?

Although there is some evil elite pushing us around; the egalitarians. Insisting on making us all uncomfortable by trying to make us all hang out together. Trying to convince the pauper he could be priest, prince, and doctor with a little help from his government friends.

Democracy is mob rule. A mob isn't known to be particularly smart. Certainly not smart enough for it's own good.

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